Emergency Zones
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Custom Designed Template

  • Unique: Emergency Zones understands that every emergency service department is different. That is why every site we design is as unique as the department we’re working with. Many site providers use templates to create cookie cutter sites where the only unique item is your logo. We tailor your site to fit your department’s needs and stand out.
  • Easy to Navigate: Many portals are hard to navigate, cluttered with useless information, and too confusing to be useful for the day to day tasks that emergency departments require. Our sites have clear navigation with easy to find and use features.
  • Professional: No more worrying about people judging an outdated website. Emergency Zones can provide you with a professional, modern, and clean website that you will be proud to use.
  • Ad-free: Our sites are all about you and your department. That is why they are free of obnoxious ads, big banners, or self-promotion. Just a simple line of text at the bottom of the page that states that the site is hosted and designed by Emergency Zones.


  • Public & Private: No need to manage two separate calendars. There is one interface for posting events to either the public, your members, or both.
  • Easy to Use: With the single interface you can provide the right information to the right people. No need to flip back and forth between your public and members’ calendars. You can write the information once, and see what is posted on both calendars in one interface.
  • Detailed Information: Put as much or as little detail for events as you need so the public and your members stay informed and up to date.
  • Export to Any Device: Users can export calendar events right to Outlook, iCalendar, or any smartphone.

Personnel Directory

  • Detailed Information: Keep all the employee information that you need on hand. You can share basic details with other members to make shift swapping and team building easier.
  • Customizable: Emergency Zone’s directories allow admins to add any custom fields they need. Admins can choose what information members can view, and even what information you share with the public.
  • Picture Perfect: The ability to add member pictures is built into each Emergency Zone directory. You can showcase these pictures on the public website, or have them available so members can put a name to a face.

Duty Crew Scheduler

  • Tailored for Your Crew: Set your schedules by day, times, and stations. Each crew can have as many positions as you need with custom titles.
  • Easy to Use: Members can make shift trade requests right in the interface. They can see what members are not scheduled for the day and make the request through the directory listings.
  • Flexible: The easy to use interface means that your crew can enter their own availability, request schedules, and join crews. If your schedules need more oversight, you can have days and crews assigned by a duty officer.
  • Export Schedules: Members can export their schedules directly to their smartphones, outlook, or iCalendar.
  • Reporting: Select a time period and a crew to get a count of how often a member was assigned during a specific time frame.

Hall Rental Scheduler

  • Track Hall Rental: Hall rental module allows you to have a single point of administration to easily track your hall rentals.
  • Public Requests: With the public interface, outside requests for hall rentals come directly through the website.

Documentation System

  • Management: Our custom categories make keeping track your documents simple. Organize them in the way that makes the most sense for your department.
  • Security: Permissions are set by category. This means you can control what document categories are available to the public, and which ones are crew members only with ease.
  • Storage: Keep all your documents in one place for easy access
  • Searchable: Our system indexes all pdf and word documents, making it easy to find the information you need with a simple search.
  • Electronic Signature: Our electronic signature system allows personnel to easily acknowledge that they have received documents and information.

Sign Up Sheets

  • Flexible: From assigning positions on a truck to organizing a party, our signup sheets are flexible and customizable.
  • Easy to Use: With a simple interface, and the ability to make them available to as many or as few stations or crews as needed, it makes signups simpler than even pen and paper.

Mailing List

  • The mail list is a feature that allows the public to subscribe to your email list. They can receive notifications for new documents, calendar events, and news stories that are posted to the public site.


  • Non-Profit 501(c)(3): Office 365** provides 250 users per a domain, unlimited email storage, Office Online, Lync Conferencing, OneDrive, and 24/7 phone support. We will assist in setting up your Office 365 account at no additional charge.
  • For Profit: Office 365 provides email addresses that start at $60/yr per a mailbox, 50GB Email storage, 1TB of File Storage, Office Online, Office for SmartPhones, Lync Conference meetings, and 24/7 phone support. We will assist in setting up your Office 365 account at no additional charge.

Mass Messaging

  • Urgent: Send text messages to all of your members, or to a specific station.
  • Non-Urgent: For non-urgent matters, you can send out emails through the same interface.

Incident Count

  • Keep Track: post your monthly incident totals directly to your homepages. At the end of the year they will automatically be totaled and stored for the New Year to start.

News Editor

  • Up to Date: Make sure that your members stay up to date with our news editor.
  • Flexible: Our customizable categories allow you to organize what stories your members or the public can see, and makes it easier to find past information.
  • Security: By assigning trusted members as final approvers, you can make sure that all of the information is reviewed before it is posted.

Page Editor

  • Flexible: The page editor allows you to add and edit pages to your website on the fly. Weather you know html or not, it’s flexible to fit your needs.
  • Easy to Use: If you add a page no problem, you have access to add it to the sub menu with ease with no intervention from Emergency Zones.

Administration Panel

  • Easy to Use: With simple menus and clear navigation you can control how your members interact with the site as a whole.
  • Flexible: Give your members as much or as little access as you need them to have. You can assign permission by groups and modules giving you complete control.

  • Training & Certifications: Keep track of which members have completed training modules and who is up for recertification.
  • Equipment Assignment: Know at a glance who has been assigned specific equipment and what equipment is still available.
  • Maintenance Schedules: Keep track of when equipment is up for inspection, vehicles need maintenance, and when new equipment needs to be purchased.

What We Offer

  • Custom Designed Template
  • Calendars
  • Personnel Directory
  • Duty Crew Scheduler
  • Hall Rental Scheduler
  • Documentation System
  • Sign Up Sheets
  • Mailing List
  • Email
  • Mass Messaging
  • Incident Count
  • News Editor
  • Page Editor
  • Administration Panel
  • Training Records
  • Inventory System